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by Intangir on October 03, 2023, 02:20:52 pm
Hey guys, not sure if anyone still checks this anymore but heads up, I got into vintage story lately after Ark Survival Evolved servers went down (thats what i've been playing for years.)

Vintage Story is a minecraft like game with a much more involved progression system (upto a point), It's quite good. I've been enjoying it the last few weeks and wanted to have a reliable server that would be up to share with others.

So recently I finally did some updates to my server and setup a new install for Vintage story

It's "Anarchic Frontiers PvE" on the server list. already a handful of players have been joining, come visit if you want, the game is here (I bought it off humble bundle, easy for US$ people)
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by Intangir on May 06, 2023, 03:14:48 am
Was just thinking about how long I've been hosting these websites..

The deliquentminds site that is still hosted as part of my network is over 25 years old now...

the current network linked implementation of the site is 15 years old
and has had numerous sites and projects and interested and servers hosted on it, some are still preserved in some form, many are gone though (maybe on way back machine)

it's been a journey.. nothing very interesting happening on here lately but who knows what the future holds. I think i'll just keep hosting it

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by Intangir on December 10, 2021, 03:51:23 pm
Well the server is finally concluded i guess, after nearly a decade.. I was going to just leave it on for like.. ever but apparently a security exploit was discovered which all old versions are vulnerable to, and the quick fix turns off all logging anyway so i can't even see whats going on on it..

So I guess after nearly a decade (although it was near completely inactive since 1.14) perhaps this is the end of the anarchic frontiers/voluntaryist minecraft server.

I will always cherish the times I had on the server playing with everyone, so did SavanahMile and I know many other people had meaningful experiences and friendships they will always remember, I hope everyone has a happy and enjoyable life out there in the real world, I miss you all and wish you all the best!

Sincerely Intangir
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by Intangir on December 20, 2020, 07:06:51 am
finally moved the anarchic frontiers (AF expedition) and Meiva expeditions to the astral realm

you can get there by logging in, sitting and holding still for about 30 seconds, and typing /astral when prompted

wrapped up some final archives on the old worlds.. they are finally retired but will live on in the memory palace (and our own memories)

its hard to close the book on stuff like this, i can never fully let go thats why i always archive everything and setup the astral server

life is often a constant kick in the face forcing you to let go of things you don't want to let go of, but nothing is permanent, not even my archives Sad


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by Intangir on May 27, 2019, 01:30:27 pm
1.14.2 is released
soon as spigot updates im upgrading to it for vanilla survey

important fixes, i guess this explains why igloo's item frames disappeared and so many peoples animals disappeared, it was a bug which is fixed on 1.14.2

sounds like lots of other optimizations and improvements too, looking forward to getting it going

youll need to upgrade your clients once it goes in
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