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by Intangir on October 21, 2014, 10:18:05 am
Spigot project confirms work is well underway to release a modded bukkit compatible 1.8 server, somewhere around late november to december

it is a huge very complicated task and they are receiving zero support from mojang as bukkit had in the past

they seem dedicated though. i think they have got the skills to make it happen, i'll be keeping an eye on their progress

in the mean time, there is a patch to allow vanilla 1.8 to interface with our proxy setup so i will be adding a vanilla 1.8 survey world soon

there is also a mod which brings alot of the 1.8 BLOCKS into 1.7, but only the blocks, none of the other changes, no animals, no enchanting changes, only blocks. im going to explore integrating that into our setup soon
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by Intangir on September 15, 2014, 11:28:49 pm
WOW.. 2.5 billion dollars, i have to say i don't think minecraft is worth that much, so i would agree with mojang and notch, selling minecraft is probably the smartest thing hes ever done with it for himself personally.

As for what it could mean to the community, it has me concerned.

Best case scenario they mostly leave things as they are and try to make a bundle on merchandizing, movie rights? leverage the code/tech for a minecraft2 on windows only in C# with directX..

worst case scenario they try to shut down all of the private servers, shut down all of the modding and attempt to force everyone to use only them for hosting and charge some sort of monthly subscription to play online, and ontop of it setup a microtansasctions/pay-to-win scheme.... ruin the cross platform support, ruin the popularity of the game and implode the community and fanbase like they have done with other game acquisitions

In either scenario i will try to continue running the most up to date version of the server available on linux with modding support other news, the bukkit/minecraft community are also still reeling from the disastrous implementation of the UUID account system, the sudden ambiguous and overreaching EULA enforcement threats, bukkit developers quitting, bukkit source code being DMCAed over copyright violations, thousands of death/rape threats to mod authors and minecraft authors, the swatting (false police reporting) against one of the former bukkit devs, mojangs deceptive tactics related to ownership of bukkit trademark and copyright.. and others..

it seems likely that the golden age of minecraft is long past, and that it may rapidly go downhill from here..

GOOD NEWS IS: 2.5 BILLION DOLLAR BUYOUT of a blocky voxel based game may provide massive incentivization to thousands of potential competitors to get INTO this genre, and invest heavily to bring us innovative new games of this sort for us to scratch that mining, crafting, and socializing itch

i am really hoping a competitor comes along with a much more advanced game engine (imagine minecraft meets skyrim) that we can eventually move to down the road

i really enjoy being a part of the voluntaryist gaming community that we have all helped build together online and i would like to see as many members remain active in it for as long as possible regardless of what game we are playing

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by Intangir on August 23, 2014, 11:37:53 pm
XP rates are increased on both worlds (3 times previous on AF, 5 times previous on VE)

also repair costs are no longer penalized for previous repairs. They are still effected by enchantment levels and number of enchants though.

1.8 is going to change it even more so, but until then, this should allow everyone to keep using their favorite equipment
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by Intangir on August 12, 2014, 08:13:46 am
Tons of new changes today
(Still actually double checking everything)

First the multiserver setup is ready (not 100% done, but ready enough for now hehe)

When you log in you'll be in the spaceport like any other new player would (don't panic)

From here you can choose from different game modes/options/worlds
for now there is only Anarchic Frontiers, and Voluntaryist Expedition

you should be able to find your way back to the anarchic frontiers world (and your house/inventory/etc) by following the advice of the npcs and talking to the captain of the ship axiom II

or you can checkout voluntaryist expedition and talk to the captain of the Axiom 1

later i will be adding new missions, minigames on the holodeck, access to old worlds, and the ability to project to the astral realms (creative mode)


there is also a new galactic chat system (that i wrote from scratch!) it is like globalchat but works across worlds!, the whole galaxy!

It has channels that you can join using /join , invite friends using /invite, you can also /leave, /ignore, toggle /censoring

you can focus or quickly access the channels by their shortcut, like:
/g hello Galactic channel
/1 hello my own channel
/l hello local people

make your own private channels and invite your friends

you can even /tell, /reply, /retell across servers!

It also has spam protection on the default galactic channel to prevent jerks from abusing it


all of my custom tweaks that ive written over the last year had to be rewritten in java because the mod i was running them through is no good anymore. So i rewrite all of the tweaks (and then some) that i mention here:

some of them i actually saw some bugs in them which hopefully are fixed now, like sitting dogs might not teleport anymore. I also added a respawn buff tweak which gives you temporary protection until you are attack something.


Vampires should work across all servers, but the configs got all messed up by the UUID change and also couldn't convert into the shared DB im using across all the servers now so i am in the process of re-setting everyone as a vampire who was one, the nightvision and infection options you'll have to re-choose. also it won't say who your original infector was.


The last seen block on the website won't be updated for now, until i can convert the script that posted to it for the new setup.

There are bound to be many other issues, i tested it alot, but i a can't possibly account for everything. if you see a problem don't just assume i'm omniscient, please post it on this thread or elsewhere on the forum. The old irc setup is no more btw, so seriously, you have to post on the forum if you want me to know.

I hope everyone enjoys all of the new changes, This is only a stepping stone to even more cool features on the server too, from here i can easily add new worlds and gamemodes on new servers and they can all seamlessly integrate in with what we have now!
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by Intangir on July 26, 2014, 03:01:42 am
lol i've been making free software and offering free services for almost 20 years on the internet

like 18 or 19

most of that time i even had obvious methods available for people to donate if they wanted to Wink

several times my diablo trainer was getting 10,000 downloads PER DAY, this is when that was pretty incredible traffic for a hobby project

my starcraft hacks also got upwards of 5000 downloads a day for months

my WoW addons were downloaded hundreds of thousands of times also

and yet. in all those years, in all those MILLIONS of downloads, and people enjoying my freely donated services and software not one person ever donated a single dollar as far as i can remember.. granted my memory IS very bad. but i honestly can't recall any donations.. i remember several times back in the diablo days tons of people claimed they donated on my forums and demanded i add features for them.. but it was easy to tell that they were lying since i hadn't gotten a single donation Wink

two days ago a miracle has occured! atypicalmale donated via paypal completely without any suggestion from me Wink

thanks man! its nice to know someone appreciates what i'm offering enough to take the time to send their hard earned bills my way!

if anyone else is feeling generous (no pressure, no special ranks/privileges for it either btw) i will let you know my paypal email by request (don't want to post it for the spambots to pick up)

and my bitcoin address is 1Cq98HMWAQa2Gppd2getfYPCCe7gk3Asmw

Thanks again atypical
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